Corporate information

We keep in mind “Give it a shot”, we would like to contribute to the customers with our challenging spirit for new things.

Corporate Vision

We contribute to the future by providing the world number one solutions with our own technologies targeting the global niche market in semiconductor and high-tech market.

  • Always keeping our “Client-first” motto and be the world number one inspection
  • metrology technology and solution provider Keep challenging
  • Create the future with new technologies from us

Message from President

We keep in mind “Give it a shot”, we would like to our challenging spirit for new things.

Satoshi Akiyama

『To establish of an ideal factory that stresses a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness, and where engineers with sincere motivation can exercise their technological skills to the highest level
(Quoted from SONY web site:
This is the first sentence of the SONY’s Purpose of Incorporation in The Founding Prospectus when established and you may have heard. As a 80’s teenager grown-up, SONY was synonymous for “MO-NO-DU-KU-RI”.

When I first met this philosophy when I first start working after college, I was so impressed, and since then this has been my dream and goal.

In February 2015, Optima Inc. started and I became the president and COO.
When establishing, what come into my mind was this “Establish an ideal factory with a spirit if open-and-natural and pleasurable”. I am running our Optima with this sentence as our philosophy.
I believe the value of this “Ideal factory” is universal for engineers in any company, in any market and product.
Moreover, a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness, which I translated as “a spirit of open-and-natural and pleasurable”, is an important essence for people to create new things.
Then the created new things will change the future.

With this “ideal factory”, revival the technical strength, the power of the rapid postwar growth, regain the technology-oriented nation Japan,
we contribute to build the world future. This is our corporate philosophy. That’s about our corporate philosophy. And now about the company business.
Optima Inc. is a company develops, manufactures and sales the inspection and metrology tools for semiconductor industry. We always keep in mind the world technologies and markets, we are making daily effort to provide make the world number one technology and solution. We keep in mind “Give it a shot”, we would like to contribute to the customers with our challenging spirit for new things.

PresidentSatoshi Akiyama

Corporate Overview

Trade name
Optima Incorporated
February 3rd 2015
30 million Japanese yen
Contents of a business operation
Development of Inspection and Measurement equipment for Semiconductor Wafer its manufacturing and sales marketing
Company executives
Chairman & CEO Sun Feng
President & COO Satoshi Akiyama
Vice President Na Seoung Ju
Director Tsuyoshi Iwasaki
Director Hiroki Tada
Director Zhao Jianhua
Director Zhang Ronglin
Director Li Sanbao
Director Naotsugu Saito
Auditor Kengo Sasabe
Auditor Takehisa Ogata
Auditor Song Chengzhe
Technical advisor Takashi Kanno
Correspondent banks
Chiba Bank, Yokohama Bank, others


head office
2-8-18, Kurigi, Asao-ku Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, 215-0033, Japan
TEL: 044-299-7062
FAX: 044-299-7063
Kyushu Office
No4,528-2 Ushiwaramachi,Tosu-shi,Saga 841-0086,Japan
Korea office
B-702,13,Heungdeok 1-ro,Giheung-gu,Yongin-si,Gyeonggi-do,16954
TEL: +82-31-264-0747
FAX: +82-31-264-0746